The RAZZLE DAZZLE DOODLES Guardian Program is an alternative way of welcoming an Aussiedoodle into your life and home.

The concept is simple. From time to time a breeder needs to keep puppies back for their breeding program. These pups need a loving, caring family to live with and that’s where you come in. You provide that loving family home for the pup and agree to keep the pup intact and available to the breeder for breeding and in return you get complete ownership of the pup free of charge. You are responsible for the cost of food, veterinary bills and grooming. Guardian Program contracts are usually for a period of 4-5 years after which time your pup will be spayed/ neutered and retired from the Program to live out the rest of their natural life with their family. The decision to be part of our Guardian Program should not be taken lightly as owning a dog is a life long commitment. A robust reference check will be done to determine suitability and you must also satisfy the conditions below.

  1. You must own your own home
  2. Have a fenced in yard
  3. Have stable and reliable employment or be retired
  4. Provide Personal , Professional and Vet References
  5. Live no more than 1.5 hours from Peterborough and have no plans to move for 4-5 years.

Candidates for individual puppies are chosen by the breeder to ensure the perfect fit.

For more info on this I can be reached at 647 390 2246 or email razzledazzledoodles18[@]gmail[.]com


Sorry there are no Guardian dogs available at this time. Please check in regularly for updates.