Good nutrition throughout the lifetime of your pet is essential. Foods I recommend are those that provide a balance appropriate to the life stage of your Razzle Dazzle Doodle. There are many good foods on the market so I will leave the decision as to which one up to you. I feed TLC and Royal Canin medium breed puppy. For my adults I feed foods rich in Omega 3 and 6 such as salmon, tuna and herring oil and fresh green tripe. Fresh green tripe is rich in pre- and probiotics, promotes healthy levels of gut flora, and dogs just happen to love it. Fresh green tripe can be purchased from your neighbourhood butcher.

A word of caution.

Many of us like to feed human foods and treats to our furry friends. Please do your due diligence and determine if the treats you are giving are safe for your dog. Many common foods may contain compounds or sweeteners deadly to dogs (e.g. peanut butter may contain xylitol, a sweetener known to be toxic to dogs).

Please read human food labels so you know what ingredients they contain prior to offering them to your pooch. Many products used to clean our homes and make our cars and other machines work smoothly are also toxic to dogs, such as antifreeze, so keep them in a safe place to avoid disasters. Remember the old adage, “to be forewarned is to be forearmed.”