Here you’ll find a number of testimonials from our past customers. Have a read!

He is doing very well. Sleeps all night in his crate and seems to like the crate. We are on holidays this week so have had a lot of time to play and bond with him. He is a very relaxed easy going puppy.

E. Hawkins (Oshawa, ON)

I just love this little girl!!♥️ She was a really good girl. Her hair is so beautiful, the groomer didn’t like to take much off. Nice trim around her face and her “private” area. I just love her to bits!

Joanne L.

Proton is learning to go upstairs–sometimes, still hesitating and not sure about the down just yet. He loves the backyard and running with our other dog, and he’s also learning to go to the bathroom outdoors. Our older dog is an awesome big brother, and he is really playing well with him, helping with the […]

Neil M. (Toronto, ON)

Hi Frances,  Dougal is doing amazing. He has integrated well with our Cockapoo Bentley. He’s got lots of spunk, loves to play, walk and run…… but at the same time is quite content just cuddling on the couch with us. He’s a true joy–we can’t thank you enough for letting him into our lives. We love […]

Warren (Aurora, ON)